Bloons Tower Defense 6 (TD6) – Dad Edition

One of “Pro Gamer” Dude’s favourite mobile games is Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons TD 6 (Tower Defense 6).

It is a Tower Defense game that uses monkeys as the heroes (who would have thought).

I am always told about the cool monkey hero and what ability he/she uses to pop the balloons or airships depending on where you are in the game.

So, I put together the below list of heroes and their abilities as a quick reference for me to check whenever the “Monkey Speak” arises.


Hero   Abilities
Quincy the Archer 001 Quincy Rapid Shot, Storm of Arrows
Ezili the Voodoo Monkey 002 Ezili Heartstopper, Sacrificial Totem, MOAB Hex
Sauda the Swordmater 003 Sauda Leaping Sword Attack
Obyn Greenfoot the Forest Guardian 004 ObynGreenFoot Brambles, Wall of Tress
Etienne the Drone Operator 005 Etienne Drone Swarm, UCAV
Striker Jones the Artiliery Commander 006 StrikerJones Concussive Shell, Artiliery Command
Pat Fusty the Giant Monkey 007 PatFusty Rally Roar, Big Squeeze
Gwendolin the Pyromaniac 008 Gwendolin Cocktail of Fire, Firestorm
Admiral Brickell the Naval Commander 009 AdmiralBrickell Naval Tactics, Mega Mine
Adora the High Priestess 010 Adora The Long Arm of Light, Blood Sacrifice, Ball of Light
Benjamin the Code Monkey 011 Benjamin Biohack, Syphon Funding
Captain Churchill the Tank 012 CaptainChurchill Armor Piercing Shells, MOAB Barrage

References – Ninja Kiwi Official Homepage, Bloons TD 6 Steam Page, Bloons Wiki

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