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Running Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (Steam Edition) on Apple Silicon (M1).


You must have an Apple Silicon Mac running Fusion Pro or Player version 13.5 or later.

Download and Install Windows 11:

  • Open VMware Fusion.
  • Go to File > New.
  • In the dialog box named Select the Installation Method, choose Get Windows from Microsoft and click Continue.
  • The Download and Install Windows 11 window will appear.
  • Select your preferred Windows 11 edition and language.
  • Click Download Windows.
  • Fusion will download and create the Windows 11 ISO file for installation.

    Note the path to the ISO file will be Home>Virtual Machines>VMWIsoImages. You can use this ISO file to install Windows 11 in any number of virtual machines.

  • Click Continue.

Choose Firmware Type:

  • From the Choose Firmware Type dialog box, select a boot firmware (UEFI) and click Continue.
  • Choose Encryption (Optional):

    If you want to enable encryption for the virtual machine (to satisfy vTPM requirements), select an encryption type, enter a password, and click Continue.

Install Windows 11:

  • Follow the installation prompts to complete the setup.

Field Notes

  • You will still need a product key, a Windows 10 Pro / Home will work.

  • If you have troube connecting to the internet change the VMWare Network settings to Bridged Network (WI-FI).

  • After Windows is running install the VMware Tools.

  • Recommended reading - The Unofficial Fusion for Apple Silicon Companion Guide

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