Latest Issue Added: Issue 70

This past weekend I decided to go through my Wireframe Gaming Magazine back issues looking for coding ideas.

I put together the below table of all the source code articles across all the issues in case someone out there is also looking for some inspiration.

Issue Game Article Description
1 Defender How particle physics turned Defender into a coin-op classic
2 Galaxian The simple yet effective AI behind Galaxian’s angry aliens
3 Moon Patrol How parallax scrolling gives 2D games the illusion of depth
4 Asteroids How to recreate the thrust motion in Atari’s coin-op classic, Asteroids
5 Game Feature How to create your own arcade-style high-score table
6 R-Type How to recreate the whipping alien tail from R-Type
7 Super Mario Bros. Recreate the jumping physics from Super Mario Bros.
8 Missile Command The code behind Missile Command’s unforgettable vapour trails
9 Space Invaders Recreating the disintegrating shields from Space Invaders
10 Pang Recreating Pang’s evil bouncing balloons in Python
11 Breakout Recreate the block-smashing action of Breakout
12 Bomberman Recreate Bomberman’s four-way explosions
13 Gyruss Recreate Gyruss’s zooming starfield effect
14 Donkey Kong Make a Donkey Kong-style animated walk cycle
15 Ant Attack Ant Attack-style isometric graphics explained
16 Gradius Code your own Gradius-style Option sprites
17 Lemmings Recreate the path-following critters from Lemmings
18 3D Monster Maze Code 3D Monster Maze’s nightmare setting
19 Game Feature Make your own arcade-style continue screen
20 Duck Hunt Make your own mini shooting gallery in Python
21 Super Sprint Code your very own top-down racing game
22 Scramble Recreate Scramble’s scrolling landscape
23 Daley Thompson’s Decathlon Code your own Daley Thompson’s Decathlon-style minigame
24 Donkey Kong Recreate Donkey Kong’s deadly rolling barrels
25 Columns Code your own Columns-style match-three puzzler
26 Phoenix Recreate Phoenix’s pioneering mothership boss battle
27 Frogger Recreate Konami’s Frogger in just a few lines of code
28 Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Undertale Create your own turn-based combat system
29 Flappy Bird Code your own addictive Flappy Bird homage
30 Boulder Dash Code your own Boulder Dash homage
31 Spy Hunter Code your own top-down rolling road
32 Kung-Fu Master Code your own brawler in the Kung-Fu Master mode
33 Zaxxon Make a Zaxxon-style isometric scrolling map
34 Marble Madness Code your own version of Marble Madness
35 Hyper Sports Remake Hyper Sports’ skeet shooting minigame
36 Side Pocket Make your own Side Pocket-style pool game
37 Lunar Lander Code a modern take on Atari’s Lunar Lander coin-op
38 Robotron: 2084 Code Robotron: 2084’s twin-stick shooting action
39 Gauntlet Code Gauntlet’s four-player mode in Python
40 Jetpac Recreate rocket-building action of the classic jetpac
41 Time Pilot Fly through the clouds in an homage to Konami’s Time Pilot
42 Q*bert Recreate Q*bert’s bouncy arcade antics in Pygame Zero
43 Rally-X Create a mini-map straight out of Konami’s Rally-X coin-op
44 Artillery Before Worms, there was Artillery. Here’s how to recreate it
45 Tiger-Heli Code the tank-busting bomb from Toaplan’s Tiger-Heli
46 Pipe Mania Make your own Python take on a Pipe Mania puzzler
47 TRON Make a Pyhton homage to TRON’s Light Cycle minigame
48 Pitfall Get into the swing with our Python homage to 1982’s Pitfall!
49 Manic Miner Make some crumbly platforms straight out of Manic Miner
50 Galaxian Recreate Galaxian’s iconic swooping alien invaders
51 Exerion Remake the eye-popping 3D landscape from Exerion
52 Gradius Recreate the blazing space volcanoes from 1985’s Gradius
53 Pinball How to recreate Nintendo’s 1984 take on Pinball
54 Crazy Golf Code a crazy golf game inspired by the ZX Spectrum
55 Tranz Am Make your own top-down racer in Python and Pygame Zero
56 Bubble Bobble Make a homage to Bubble Bobble in just a few lines of code
57 Lords of Midnight Program a new take on Lords of Midnight’s landscape engine
58 Skate or Die Code a Skate or Die style half-pipe minigame in Python
59 Bomb Jack Code a homage to the arcade classic, Bomb Jack
60 Braid Make a time-rewinding homage to the indie darling, Braid
61 Legend of Zelda Make a top-down homage to The Legend of Zelda
62 Guitar Hero Make your own Guitar Hero-style rhythm action game
63 Fire (Game & Watch) Make your own homage to Nintendo’s Game & Watch
64 Super Stardust Make an homage to Super Stardust
65 Metal Storm Make an homage to the nineties platformer, Metal Storm
66 Excitebike Make an homage to Nintendo’s motocross classic, Excitebike
67 Elite Make a wireframe spaceship straight out of 1984’s Elite
68 N/A Create your own pixel editor
69 Monkey Island Code your own point-and-click homage to Monkey Island
70 Rampart Program your own Rampart-style tower defence game

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